MISSION:  Peace Mask Project is dedicated to encouraging a shared vision for peace through art, cross-cultural dialogue, workshops and exhibitions.

A community-led initiative, Peace Mask Project is the collective effort of hundreds of volunteers, supporters, models, and trainers. Working in conjunction with national and international peace and environmental NGOs, we are actively engaged in establishing, promoting, and exhibiting new pathways to harmony and peace in an increasingly more complex and fractured world.

These unique and expressive facial impressions are made from traditional hand-made papers. Individually, each mask represents a serene symbol of peaceful spirit. Shown together in large wall murals, the collective masks serve as a reminder that the fate of humanity depends on allowing for and appreciating diversity while striving towards more meaningful cooperation.

Throughout the Project, conflict transformation workshops, dialogue, and peace messages facilitate opportunities to explore the roots of division and find creative directions towards intercultural harmony and a sustainable future.



While currently working on Peace Mask East Asia, PMP has been invited to work on The Hiroshima~Nagasaki (Hibakusha) Peace Mask Project. This concurrent project is in its Preparatory Stage. More information will be posted soon.

Peace Mask Project is recruiting youth from Japan, Korea, and China for our current project, Peace Mask East Asia. Learn more about what it means to be a youth leader in our project by reading all about it and how to apply on the Youth Leaders page.

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Together we can build bridges for a lasting peace through art.