The Peace Mask Project has close to 3,000 individuals who have served as Peace Mask models to thank along with numerous organizations for their kind and sincere support over the past 14 years. It is impossible to name them all in this space. However, special gratitude goes to the Daum Society, Seoul, Korea for their great spirit and generous support. Also to Professor Ikuro Anzai for being our Honorary Chairperson and to John Einarsen, founding editor of Kyoto Journal, for always being there to help us. In addition, the project could not have been conducted without the assistance of countless individuals who took part in the Peace Mask workshops and exhibitions in Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Spain, India, the USA, and on Japan’s Peace Boat. We look forward to working with many others during the current project, Peace Mask East Asia. It is this community of people from all walks of life and all generations that give the project its true spirit and endurance. Thank you, one and all.



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